Dua For Evil Eye Protection From Quran

Dua For Evil Eye

Anyone can become the victim of the evil eye if one admires them with the wrong intention, or being jealous. The newly married couple who look good together and have great compatibility, or beautiful newborn child, or your new job, you can come under its influence due to any reason. As this can have an adverse effect on your life you must know the ways to combat it, with the help of the dua for evil eye. It will help you to protect yourself from such problems and the negative effects of the buri nazar.

The person who is affected by it can face major health issues and problems in their everyday life. If you feel that you have become the victim of someone’s wrong intentions or their bad energy then with the help of the protection dua in Islam, you can protect yourself against these issues. You must know the ways to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the evil eye so that you can resume your life normally.

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Dua For Evil Eye Protection

If your relationship is affected by someone’s buri nazar then you might experience frequent fights, arguments, and conflicts in the relationship. If there is a sudden onset of the fights, arguments suddenly and you are feeling distanced from your partner then this can be the sign that something is wrong. If you wish to eliminate its negative effects and want to live happily with your partner, read the dua for evil eye protection. It will help you maintain the harmony in your relationship by removing the negative.

Even your child can be affected by its negative effects as they are innocent and their energy is pure. If your child is happy and joyful then there will be people who will adore your child. But not everyone will appreciate and be happy for your child, sometimes there will be people who will not appreciate your child in the right way and they might get affected by it. If your child has recently stopped eating, cries a lot, is irritated all the time, then you should consider taking the help of the protection dua of evil eye .

Dua For Evil Eye Protection From Quran

Read the protection dua of evil eye in the procedure given below:

  • Make fresh ablution.
  • Recite Durood Thrice.
  • After this recite Surah Falaq and Surah Naas five times each.
  • Pray to Allah for protecting you against the evil eye and its negative effects.

You can also take the help of the dua for evil eye protection from Quran if you feel that your job, business is affected by buri nazar. If you have started a new business or a job and are achieving success then you might be affected the bad energy of the people who are envious of you. There are people who will get jealous of your success and might want to bring you down. If you feel threatened in your business and your success seems unattainable then our molvi ji can help you with his remedies and solutions.

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