Powerful Dua for Love Marriage To Agree Parents in 2023

Dua To Convince Someone For Marriage

Assalamalaikum my dear brothers and sisters, we are here to help you with a very special prayer. We will share the wazifa and dua for love marriage to agree parents. Keep reading this article carefully if you want to convince your parents to accept your love marriage. 

Wazifa for Love Marriage To Agree Parents

Dua For Love Marriage To Agree Parents

When it comes to marrying someone of your own choice then everyone is against your this decision. The society does not allow you to marry your lover. Especially when he or she is of other caste and religion. Your parents just to save their reputation in public refuses for your love marriage and your relatives also do not support you.

If you are in such a condition where no one ready to help you in marrying the person you adore, then you can take the help of dua to convince someone for marriage. When a person has no one’s help he should not be upset. Everyone has the support of Allah. Allah loves us and listens to our prayers if we put all our trust in him.

The dua for love marriage to agree parents is a dua mentioned in Quraan e Pak for those whose parents are not ready to do their love marriage at any cost. If your father and mother are not ready for your marriage and they won’t be attending it.

Then after reciting the dua or reading the dua they will happily become a part of your wedding with your boyfriend or girlfriend. If your father does not likes your boyfriend because of his behavior. Then the dua to convince someone for marriage will make him like your boyfriend. In the same way, if your boyfriend’s mom and dad do not like you for some reason. Then with the help of the dua, they will start liking everything about you.

Dua For Love Marriage To Agree Parents

Taweez To Agree Parents for Love Marriage

The dua for love marriage to agree parents is really helpful. Sometimes our parents don’t have problem with our girlfriend or boyfriend. The problem is with the girl or boy’s family. If you are in love with a girl whose family is your family’s enemy, then your wedding with her is not possible. Similarly, if a girl is in love with a boy whose family is not liked by her family, then also their marriage is not possible. In such circumstances usually, the boy and girl have to sacrifice the thought of getting married to each other.

Do not force yourself to marry someone you do not like. You do not need to sacrifice your love. You have all the right to fight for what you want. But if, even after trying everything, reading all types of dua for love marriage and doing all kinds of wazifa you are not able to convince your parents, relatives and the society for your marriage with a person of your own choice then you can take help of the taweez to agree parents for love marriage.

Wazifa To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

One of the supplications (duas or wazifas) that individuals often recite when seeking their parents’ approval for a love marriage is the following:

“Rabbaanaa hab lanaa min azwaa jina waa dhuriyya tina qurraataa a’yunin waj’alnaa lil muttaqinaa imaamaa.”

Translation: “Our Almighty, grant us from among our spouses and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us an example for the righteous in our religion”

This dua or wazifa for love marriage to agree parents , found in the Quran (Surah Al-Furqan, verse 74), is a humble plea to Allah. You must read this before him to bless the union and seek the acceptance of parents for the love marriage. We recommend you to recite this wazifa sincerely, with faith and patience. You must also work hard to maintain open and respectful communication with one’s parents.

Taweez To Agree Parents for Love Marriage

Taweez to Agree Parents for Love Marriage is the best and most effective way of successfully convincing everyone for your love wedding. You can take the taweez from our Islamic astrologer Molvi Haider Ali Ji. The taweez is suitable for a girl as well as a boy who wishes to convince their parents for the love marriage.

These taweez are really powerful and may also have a few side effects. Therefore, when your work is complete, you should take off the taweez and bury it somewhere. You can even throw the water into a flowing river. For any other help contact our Molvi Haider Ali Ji.

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