Dua For Someone To Come Back To You In 3 Days

Assalam Alaikum my dear Muslim friends! Are you here because you need the dua to get someone back in your life. We assure you that by reading this post, you will get great information about the dua to get lost love back in 3 days.

As a summary of this article, you will find the best of duas and wazifas for love back. You can read any of these Islamic prayers to get love back as per your comfort.

When you lose a person very close to you, it is a big deal. It is very difficult for any person to deal with a breakup. Although, we must all know that there are going to be ups and downs in every relationship.

Let us tell you that if you want your love back, this article with the best duas and wazifas will help you a lot.

Let us begin with the dua for someone to come back to you. With the help of this dua, you will get what you really want in life.

There is also a dua to make someone fall in love with you. This powerful dua has helped many of our readers to get back the love they need in life. It is a completely halal method which does not involve any shirk or black magic.

Dua For Someone To Come Back To You

Let us tell you how to read the dua for someone to come back to you:

  • After the Isha Salah, read the Surah Fatiha. Make sure you are in a state of ablution and wearing neat and clean clothes.
  • Read the 85th and 86th verse of the Surah Yunus 101 times.

Faqaaloo ‘Alal Laahi Tawakkal Naa Rabbanaa Laa Taj’alnaa Fitnatal Lilqawmiz Zaalimeen Wa Najjinaa Birahmatika Minal Qawmil Kaafireen

  • Then, imagine the face of the person you want to bring back into your life.
  • After reciting this dua, blow over the picture of the person you have been thinking about.
  • At the end of this process, pray to Allah SWT to bring back your lover.

Keep on performing this powerful dua for someone to come back to you for 7 days. If you want our Islamic scholar’s expert guidance, you can consult him on a call or on WhatsApp. This dua is highly effective for those who wish to get their ex-lover or spouse back. It is a beneficial dua if you want to bring your husband back home.

If you want personal solutions to the problems you are facing with your lover, you can contact Molvi Ji directly on WhatsApp.

How To Perform “Dua To Get Someone Back In Your Life” stepwise?

  • Begin performing this powereful dua to get someone back after completing the Isha Salah.
  • Recite Durood Ibrahimi seven times before and after reading this dua.
  • Chant verse of Ya Wadoodo 2100 times while thinking of the person you want in your life.

Within seven days of performing this powerful dua, you will see positive results. Your lover will make continuous attempts to get in touch with you with an intention of reconciliation.

Do you wonder what does our Islamic scholar tell people when they ask if they can get their lost love back dua? This powerful dua and the process to perform is always the answer.

How To Perform Perform Dua For Someone To Love You Back in easy Steps?

You need to carefully follow the following steps to perform the dua for someone to love you back:

  • Always be careful and perform ablution properly to perform any dua or wazifa.
  • Ensure that you sit in a room where you cannot be easily disturbed.
  • Begin reciting the Durood Shareef thrice.
  • Then, recite this powerful dua for someone to love you back 21 times:

“Ya Wadoodo Ya Raheemu, Ya Allahu, Ibadatika Anta Wa Laka, Ibadan Li Fi Sabili Rizqi, waa Aqeemus Salah, Fa Innaaka Taqdee Waa La Tu’eed, Innaka Latukhzee Waa La Tu’eed, Bi Yadaika Yaa Allahu, Fa Inka Tabuddu Fi Sabili Rizqi, Tabarra’Tu Minhu, Waa Ta’izzu Bihi, Fa Innaka Taqdee Waa La Tu’eed, Innaka Latukhzee Wa La Tu’eed.”

  • After you are done with this dua, recite Durood Shareef thrice.
  • Sincerely pray to Allah Tala and ask for his help to bring the person you love back into your life.
  • Keep on performing the process of this dua for at least 21 days.
  • Never think of performing the dua to make someone love you back with a negative intention. This dua must be read only with a pure intention of creating pure and strong feelings of love.

If you want to get better guidance to perform this dua, consult our Islamic scholar.

What is the process to perform Powerful Wazifa For Someone To Come Back To You?

  • Take a piece of white paper and write the name of the person you love on it.
  • You have to recite Surah Al-Imran (3:147) twenty one times. (Verse is mentioned in the image below)
  • Blow your breath on the paper after reading this verse.

How To Perform The Dua For Love To Come Back?

  • To perform this process, you will need a picture of your ex-lover.
  • While keeping the picture in front of you, you will have to recite Surah Al Qari’ah for seven times.
  • After reciting this dua, blow over the picture thrice.

What Is The Dua To Get Loved One Back?

If you are someone whose lover has left them, the dua to get loved one back will help you. If you want to do this dua for your boyfriend, begin the dua to make your boyfriend come back to you. It is a powerful dua for bringing lost love back in 72 hours which gives instant results.

Let us tell you how to perform this dua to get your love back:

  • You will need to get a good perfume (ittar) for your ex-lover.
  • Recite Ya Wadudu 2100 times while thinking of that specific person.
  • Blow on that ittar after the recitation and show your faith in Allah.
  • Within a few days of performing this dua, you will start to see positive results.

Dua To Make Someone Love You

Let us tell you a simple process to perform the dua to amke someone love you back:

  • The only thing you have to do is recite the verse from Surah Fatiha in the image below.
  • After reciting this verse, you have to blow over a piece of sweet.
  • Then, you have to make your lover eat these sweets.
  • Very soon, your wish of them coming back to you will become a reality.

These are all the powerful duas and wazifas for love back. We hope these powerful duas will help you with the lost love situation you are facing in your life.

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