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dua for engagement

The dua for engagement (supplication) for engagement is not specified in the Quran or Hadith (teachings and practices of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him) as a specific, prescribed supplication. However, you can make a general dua for engaged couple seeking Allah’s blessings, guidance, and happiness for your engagement. Here is an example of a dua you can make:

“O Allah, bless our engagement and grant us happiness and contentment in this union. Guide us towards a righteous and successful marriage. Fill our hearts with love, respect, and understanding for one another. Protect us from any difficulties or obstacles that may come our way. Grant us strength to uphold our commitment to each other and to You. O Allah, make our engagement a means of drawing closer to You and seeking Your pleasure. Accept our dua for engagement and make our upcoming marriage a source of joy and blessings for us and our families. Ameen.”

Remember that dua for engaged couple is a personal conversation with Allah, so you can use your own words and express your heartfelt desires and intentions during this special time.

Dua For Engagement

An engagement is the first official step for a couple towards marrying someone. When a person finds the right person to marry, they do not want to waste any time in setting up their engagement. When a person says yes to a marriage proposal, they should read the dua for engagement

These days, it is not easy to find a good marriage proposal that fulfills a person’s expectations of a life partner. This is why when a man or woman finds a person who seems to be their soulmate; they do not want to wait to make their relationship official. This is why knowing the dua for engagement in Arabic is helpful. 

People who want to settle down with a specific man or woman should read the dua for engagement. This is the perfect dua to take the first official step towards getting married and having a happy married life. To perform the dua for getting engaged, one should follow the steps mentioned below.

  • At first, we suggest you perform the istikhara for marriage.
  • You can perform the istikhara for love marriage if you want to engage your lover.
  • If you get positive signs from istikhara, you have to begin the dua to get engaged.
  • After the Asr namaz, you have to recite Darood E-Taj 33 times.
  • While reciting the Darood, keep a glass of water in front of your prayer mat.
  • After completing the recitation, drink that water.
  • Ask Allah to help you eliminate all the problems that are delaying your engagement.

You have to perform this dua until your wish of engagement becomes a reality. 

Dua for Engaged Couple

Dua for Engaged Couple

After the engagement, a couple begins to get closer to each other. After taking the first official step towards marriage, they need the blessings of Allah. They need the blessing and guidance from Allah to maintain a healthy relationship. For this, they need to read the dua for engaged couple. 

The dua for engaged couple is mainly performed by the couple who has recently gotten engaged. This powerful dua helps a couple in getting closer. This dua helps them create a bond that helps them communicate to each other better. Under the influence of this powerful dua, they can begin to understand each other better. 

Dua For Newly Engaged Couple

While the dua for engaged couple is read by the couple to be married, the dua for newly engaged couple is read by the people who want to bless the newly engaged couple. This dua is read to ward off all the negative energies away from the new couple. 

The family elders should read this dua after their son or daughter’s engagement. This dua for a newly engaged couple is read to bless the couple with all the love and happiness. Written below is the dua that is recited for the newly engaged couple:

Allahuma Salli Ale Muhammad Waa Ale Aalli

Muhammadeen Kama Salla Aita Ale Ibrahim Waa Ale

Aali Ibrahim Inaka Hamdum Maajid Allah Umma

To read this dua, you can contact our Maulvi Sahab. If you want information about the dua for marriage after engagement, feel free to contact our Islamic scholar

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