Islamic Dua To Soften Someone’s Heart

dua to soften someone's heart

Dua To Soften Someone’s Heart

Do you wish for a cold-hearted person to acknowledge the efforts you make for them? If you want someone to take care of you as much as you do, we have the dua to melt someone’s heart. It is a powerful dua to soften someone’s heart that has great impact on the lives of people who perform it. Dua To Melt His Heart

Is there a person in your life who does not respect you? Do you want them to treat you and others with respect? If yes, then reading the Islamic dua to soften someone’s heart will give you the results you desire. 

The dua for softening heart or Surah To Soften Heart will make that specific someone a changed person. It is helpful for love or marriage problems, issues in work environment or any other aspect of life. 

Dua To Make Someone’s Heart Soft

Are you in a relationship in which your partner is always rude to you? If they treat you badly and have no concern for you, you must read the dua to make someone’s heart soft. It is the dua for softening heart of your lover, wife or husband. 

The dua to make someone’s heart soft is the best dua that has an instant effect. It is the dua that will melt that specific person’s heart and they will start feeling for you. The person for whom you are performing the dua or surah to soften heart, will begin to love you and acknowledge you. It is a long-term remedy that will make them a better person. 

Surah To Soften Heart 

Finding true love is not easy in the modern times. People these days often play with their partner and create a fake relationship. If you are stuck with a person whose intentions are doubtful, you must end the relationship. If you have fallen in love with them, you can read the surah to softening heart. It is the dua for softening heart that will help you in correcting their intentions for you. 

If you have fallen in love with a person who is not open to showing their intentions, the surah to soften heart will help you. The dua to make someone’s heart soft will help you in winning the heart of the particular person. You can get the much needed help for this powerful dua from our Islamic scholar

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Dua for Softening Someone’s Heart

Dua For True Love

Dua for softening someone’s heart step-by-step:

  • You can perform the powerful dua for softening someone’s heart after the Juma’a namaz.
  • Keep in mind the person whose heart you wish to soften. 
  • Recite any Durood Shareef 11 times in the beginning.
  • Recite this beautiful name of Allah Subhana Wa’ tala “Ya Waliyo” 500 times and make your dua.
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times in the end.
  • Keep performing it till you witness positivity in that person.

A woman can perform it during their menses but does not sit on the prayer mat. It is the most effective and easiest to pray to soften a person’s heart. Allah Talah can melt stones and mountains, then melting heart is just a petty thing in front of him. Pray with the right intentions and 100% dedication and Insha Allah, you will get results in your favor very soon.

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