Dua To Get Love Back – Dua For True Love Back

Dua To Get Your True Love Back

With your lover gone, your life becomes lonely and dull. When your lover leaves you and goes away, you cannot find interest in anything. You miss them continuously and think about the day and night. And hold that small wish to bring them back in your life. So, if you want your lover to come back to you, perform the dua to get love back. Your lover will start missing you badly and will come back to you in no time. He/ she will be in a relationship with you again and everything will be like before.

Dua To Get Love Back

Dua To Get Love Back

If your lover has left you because he/ she is interested in someone else and doesn’t want to come back to you and is ignoring your calls and messages, then do not feel upset. Sometimes, people get under the influence of other people and cheat on their true love. Practice the dua to get your true love back and Insha Allah, your love will come back to you on his/ her own. He/ she will realize his/ her mistake and apologize. The dua will mend your broken relationship and make it stronger than before.

The dua to get your true love back will completely re-vitalize your relationship and your lover will never leave you again. Your love life will become perfect and very soon you will move towards marriage. Come to us for immediate help and we will see your matter and make you talk to our Molvi  Saab. A lot of lovers come to us for help and they have got success in winning their love back in their life. One such instance is given here.

Dua for True Love

Dua for True Love

My girlfriend had left me and she had moved on with another boy. I couldn’t bear it and I really missed her a lot. I spoke to the respected Molvi Abdul Rihab Saab about it. I love her and I want a dua for true love back in my life. He did not just give me the dua, but also helped me perform it with efficiency. He guided all through the procedure and made me understand the things which I didn’t. I did not understand Urdu. He gave me the dua in Hindi.

I did as he said and now I have my girlfriend with me. She left that boy and came back to me and now we are together. If I wouldn’t have said that I love her I want a dua for true love back in my life to Molvi Saab, I would have been lonely till now. Allah Miya has blessed me and given me my true love back.

Dua To Get Your True Love Back

  1. Make fresh ablution.
  2. Then recite this beautiful name of Allah Subhana Wa’ tala 111 times “Ya Wahidu”.
  3. Blow it on a glass of water and make your lover drink it anyhow.
  4. Perform it for 11 days. Insha Allah, your lover will come back to you.

Dua to get your true love back in Hindi:

या वाहिदु

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